Attempted to kidnap children at knife point, accused caught in police blockade

Ratlam News: A case of an attempt to abduct two minor children at knife point has come to light in Ratlam. Due to the vigilance of the police, the accused could not succeed in abducting the children. The relatives have lodged a complaint in Piploda police station.

This whole incident is of Akatwasa of Piploda of Ratlam. Here the boy was going with his nephew when the accused started showing him a knife and took him on his motorcycle towards Namli. During this, police checking was going on on the forelane. When the matter seemed suspicious, the police informed the relatives of the children and the children narrated the entire incident to the family, after which a complaint was lodged in the police station.

According to the information, both the children were going towards their farm on foot. That’s why Bankt of the children’s village tried to abduct them by showing a knife. The matter came to light when the police personnel stopped the motorcycle and inquired as it looked suspicious. After informing the relatives, the children were handed over to them safely. Later, the children informed the family members about the entire incident that happened to them and the family members reached the police station and complained about the attempt of kidnapping and intimidation against the accused, due to which the case has been registered under various sections.

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