Asia Cup 2022: ICC fines India-Pakistan team

Asia Cup 2022: ICC fines India-Pakistan team

Sports, desk report. On August 28, 2022, the high-voltage India-Pakistan match played at the Dubai International Stadium was very much enjoyed by the spectators. But both the teams have to face fines here. Actually, this action has been taken by the ICC on both the teams regarding the slow over rate. The team of India and Pakistan has been fined 40 percent. Both the teams took more than the stipulated time to complete the over at the time of their fielding.

Let us tell you, whatever fine is imposed by the ICC, it depends on the match fee of the players whether it is on an individual player or on the entire team. In this fine, Indian players have suffered more than Pakistani players because their match fees are much higher than Pakistani players.

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According to match referee Jeff Crowe, both the teams led by Rohit Sharma and Babar Azam were running behind schedule by almost two overs. The ICC issued a statement saying that in accordance with Article 2.22 of the ICC Code of Conduct on Slow Over Rates for Players and their Support Staff, players are fined 20 percent of the match fee for reducing an over in the stipulated time. During this match both the teams were trailing by 2-2 overs hence it became 40% penalty.

The ICC said that both the captains admitted their mistake and that they have been fined, so there was no need for a formal hearing. On-field umpires Masudur Rahman and Ruchira Pilliyaguruge, third umpire Ravindra Vimalasiri and fourth umpire Ghazi Sohail found both the teams guilty of the violation.

A fielder also had to stay inside the circle of 30 yards.

Due to the slow over rate, penalty is imposed, while apart from this, immediate action is taken against the teams even during the match, if a team is running behind its stipulated time, then fielding outside the circle of 30 yards in the death overs. Only 4 players are allowed instead of 5.

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Let us tell you, in this match, India made a great start to the tournament by defeating Pakistan by 5 wickets. Rohit won the toss and invited Pakistan to bat first, where Pakistan was reduced to 147 runs in front of the deadly bowling, in response India achieved this target in the last over. The hero of this victory for India was Hardik Pandya, who took 3 wickets in addition to an unbeaten 33 in 17 balls.

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