Arun Yadav met the striking contract health workers, promised to fulfill their demands if the Congress government is formed

Arun Yadav met the striking Samvida health workers : Former President of Madhya Pradesh Congress and former Union Minister of State Arun Yadav and senior Congress leaders met the health workers on strike in Bhopal on Tuesday. During this he listened to their demands and shared their suffering. The Congress said that this attitude of the Madhya Pradesh government towards the health workers who saved lives by risking their lives during the Corona period is highly objectionable. He said that their demands will be fulfilled when the Congress government is formed.

Talking to the media on this occasion, Arun Yadav said that these health workers are on strike for the last 12 days and instead of listening to them, the government is lathi-hitting them. These are the same employees who served the patients and saved their lives by risking their lives during the Corona pandemic. Arun Yadav said that the BJP government shows the dreams of Mungerilal. Even during the elections of 2013 and 2018, it was mentioned in its manifesto to fulfill the demands of these employees, but the government did not keep its promise.

Arun Yadav said that there is Congress government in Rajasthan and CHO health workers have been regularized there. Along with this, in Orissa also the government has listened to the health workers. In Madhya Pradesh also, we assure them that after the formation of the Congress government, we will fulfill their demands on priority and regularize them. He said that we had placed the demands of the health workers on the floor of the Vidhan Sabha as well. During this, M.P. Former Cabinet Minister PC Sharma, Rajkumar Patel, State Congress General Secretary Ravi Saxena, Abbas Hafeez Media Vice President, Sangeeta Sharma Media Vice President, Youth Congress State Vice President Vivek Tripathi, Spokesperson Avneesh Bundela were mainly present in the government.

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