Amrita Pritam: A complete story of incomplete love, Navroz had asked ‘Am I the son of Sahir uncle’

Amrita Pritam: A complete story of incomplete love, Navroz had asked 'Am I the son of Sahir uncle'

Bhopal, Desk Report. Whenever it comes to love and poetry, Amrita Pritam will be the first to be mentioned. If Amrita is mentioned, then the name of Sahir Ludhianvi will come, Imroz will also come along with Sahir. This story is not only of a poetess.. It is also a story of such love which could not be completed according to worldly rituals. And a love that always remained his shadow in the form of Imroz. Here we will talk about such a woman. In an interview, he had said – A man who denies the power of a woman denies his own subconscious. This voice of a self-confident woman is actually the common voice of thousands of millions of women. Today we are celebrating his 103rd birth anniversary.

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Amrita Pritam was born on 31 August 1919 in Gujranwala, Punjab (now in Pakistan) in British India. His name is in the first line among the most famous and respected writers of Punjabi adab. He has written fiction, non-fiction, poems, poems, essays and autobiography. His poems have been translated into many languages ​​including Hindi, English. When she was only 16 years old and she was married to Pritam Singh, the son of a businessman and an editor of Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore. This marriage may have broken down over time, but Pritam’s life remained associated with Amrita’s name. She lived with Pritam for about 33 years but this relationship ended in 1960.

If his name is taken for something other than his writing, then it is love. His and Sahir Ludhianvi’s love was different, beyond the rituals of the world. The two met for the first time in 1944 at a mushaira in Preet Nagar, Lahore. In the first meeting, something happened between the two, but no one expressed it. Amrita has also written in her autobiography ‘Raceti Ticket’ that both of them sat in silence for hours. No one said anything to anyone, but while leaving, Sahir kept giving them a nazm. After this, a series of letters started going on in them and then slowly they started meeting. Amrita and Sahir’s relationship was forever but still did not reach any conclusion.

After the partition of India Pakistan, Sahir reached Mumbai and Amrita settled in Delhi. Many women came in Sahir’s life at different times apart from him..But no one could take Amrita’s place. It is said that after coming to India, there was another influx in Sahir’s life and this became the reason for their distance. Then came the painter Imroz in Amrita’s life. Love can be done unconditionally, even without touch. Its example is Imroz. While Sahir and Amrita’s love can be called platonic, there was an untold undefined relationship of love between Amrita Imroz. They lived with each other but so free that there was no restriction for anyone. Imroz knew that Amrita was in love with Sahir, but this never came in the way between them. Both of them started living together, but they did not get married.

Although there are many tales of Sahir-Amrita-Imroz, but one thing which is very famous.. This story was told by Sahir himself. He told that Amrita wanted her child to look like Sahir. She always believed in magic, magic, astrology and she believed that whomever she would look after, whom she would look at, the child to be born would be like her. Many people believed that his son looked like Sahir and he himself had asked Amrita that mother, am I the son of Sahir uncle. This is the case when his son Navroz was 13 years old. In response to this, Amrita said, “Son, I also like Sahir very much, but if this was true, I would have already told you.”


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