Allegations on the State Electricity Regulatory Commission for not following the orders of the Supreme Court. The allegations on the State Electricity Regulatory Commission the order of the Supreme Court was not followed. jabalpur news

Jabalpur Electricity News : The State Electricity Regulatory Commission, which is hearing the tariff petition to increase electricity rates in Madhya Pradesh, has been accused of not following the order of the Supreme Court. In fact, the Supreme Court had given important instructions to the Electricity Regulatory Commissions of all the states while giving a famous decision on 23rd November. The Supreme Court had said in its decision that the Electricity Regulatory Commissions of all the states should make new regulations to fix electricity rates keeping in mind the public interest in the National Electricity Policy, National Transmission Policy and Section 61 of the Electricity Act.

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The Supreme Court had directed the State Electricity Regulatory Commissions to make these regulations within 3 months and only then decide the rates of electricity. Despite this, the Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Regulatory Commission has approved the tariff petition for increasing the electricity rates without setting new criteria. On this, the Citizen Consumer Forum of Jabalpur has sent its objection to the Electricity Regulatory Commission. It has been demanded that the commission should make new criteria for fixing electricity rates as per the directions of the Supreme Court and till then the process of increasing electricity rates should be stopped.

The chairman of the forum and expert in electricity matters, Dr. PG Najpande says that the commission has disobeyed the instructions of the Supreme Court, so if the exercise of increasing electricity rates does not stop, then he will file a petition in the Jabalpur High Court on this matter. Explain that the power companies of the state have demanded an increase in the price of electricity in the state citing a loss of Rs 1537 crore, which has been approved by the State Electricity Regulatory Commission for hearing.
Sandeep Kumar’s report from Jabalpur

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