After the road accident in Seoni, the villagers had set the bus on fire, SP announced a reward for the accused. SP said those who give information will get Rs 50 thousand.

Seoni News: A road accident took place on December 8 in Seoni, Madhya Pradesh, in which a speeding bus hit a bike. Due to which the young man died on the spot. After which angry people had set the bus on fire. Actually, the matter was of Seoni-Mandla road. Where the bus coming at high speed hit the bike rider hard, due to which he died on the spot. The deceased was identified as Jagdish Parihar, a resident of Mahuljheer under Kanhiwada police station area, who was going back to his home at around 5.30 pm. Then this incident happened.

50 thousand reward announced

At the same time, the police is looking for all the cases. Please tell that the Kanhiwada police have registered a case against unknown persons who torched the bus and their search is on. For which the police has announced a reward of 50 thousand. Also, the police have announced that the names of informers and people providing photos and videos will also be kept secret.

There were 25 passengers in the bus

Please inform that during the accident, there were 25 passengers in the bus who got off the bus after the incident. Seeing the increasing crowd and ruckus, they left in other vehicles. At the same time, the driver of the bus also fled from the spot. Whose search is still going on. In fact, after the incident, resentment arose among the villagers present there and they started vandalizing the bus. After this the bus was set on fire. Due to which the bus was completely burnt to ashes.

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