After Sanchi, now the prices of Saurabh and Sridhi milk have increased, new rates will be applicable from Monday

Bhopal Madhya Pradesh Milk Rates Increased : In the last days of the year, people in Madhya Pradesh will have to buy milk at increased prices, after Sanchi, now Saurabh and Sridhi have also increased the rates of milk. Now consumers will have to pay Rs 2-2 more per litre. It is being told that the rate of Saurabh has been increased from Monday itself but the same Sridhi will be available on Tuesday at the new rate. Significantly, Sanchi had increased the prices on 25 December. Talking about Saurabh and Sridhi, their consumption of about 1 lakh liters of milk is in the city and rural areas of Bhopal.

shreedhi new rates
Sridhi has increased the rates of 11 of its 12 varieties of milk. The increased rate will be applicable from December 27. Means from today customers will get milk at the new rate. Earlier a half liter packet of Super Gold was available for Rs.32. Now available for Rs.33. Gold (6 litres) was earlier priced at Rs 396. Now available for Rs.408. Standard Shakti half liter Rs 30 instead of 29, Super Chai Shakti (1 litre) Rs 60 instead of 58, Fresh half liter packet Rs 27 instead of 26, Freshness tea Rs 56 instead of Rs 54, Chai Special one liter Rs 56 58, Smart half liter will cost Rs 21 instead of Rs 20, Slim (180 ml) Rs 10 instead of Rs 9 and Tala (6 litre) Rs 312 instead of Rs 324. There has been no change in the rate of Smart Balak variety milk.

Saurabh’s new rates
Saurabh milk rates increased from Monday. Rs 2 per liter has been increased. Gold (full cream) 1 liter milk will be available at Rs 63 instead of 61, half liter packet at Rs 32 instead of 31, Standard (Health) 1 liter at Rs 56. There has been no change in the half liter packet. It will be available for Rs 29 as before. Toned (Chai Sfoorti) 1 liter will be available for Rs 51 instead of Rs 49, half a liter of milk will be available for Rs 26 instead of Rs 25. The price of tea special one liter milk will be available for Rs 53 instead of Rs 51. Similarly, the price of double toned (pura) half liter milk has gone up to Rs 24. At the same time, the rate of double toned (child) 165 ml milk was also not changed. At the same time, a 200 ml packet of Slim (skimmed milk) will be available for Rs 10 instead of Rs 9.

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