After all, why #Heartattack is trending on Twitter, let’s know. Why is the hashtag heartattack trending on Twitter, let’s know

heart attack

Heart attack: The incidence of heart attack is increasing rapidly across the country. At the same time, the hashtag heart attack is trending on Twitter as well. In fact, netizens are constantly expressing concern on Twitter about the rise in heart attack cases. Also, videos of people dying from it are being shared on Twitter using the hashtag heartattack and hashtag cardiacarest. In fact, after the Corona epidemic, there has been a sharp rise in the number of heart attacks.

People are dying while playing, jumping and dancing. Most of the youth are becoming victims of heart attack. After all, what is the reason behind this? Why are the cases of heart attack increasing so fast? Seeing the increasing cases of heart attack, people are questioning the corona vaccine. Let me tell you, some incidents of heart attack were captured in CCTV camera, after which people are using #HeartAttack by sharing its footage on social media, due to which #HeartAttack has started trending on Twitter. Some videos with expert opinion tell you –

Expert opinion –

According to Dr. Chandrakant Lahariya, who is a public health expert, it is not that the cases of heart attack are coming to the fore only for the last few days. In fact, such cases used to come to the fore earlier too, but then they were not highlighted. But now matters have started getting highlighted. The doctor told that Indian people get heart attack 10 years earlier than the people of western countries. On the other hand, this case is mostly seen in youngsters because we have more youngsters here. The doctor further told that no study has come to the fore whether the corona vaccine has any relation with heart attack or not. That’s why it is not right to blame the vaccine.

It has been told by Dr. RS Meena, International Cardiologist of Hamidia Hospital that the craze of party and gym has increased a lot in India for a few years. In such a situation, people exercise more than their capacity. People are not even aware of their potential, due to which deaths related to heart are increasing. He further told that we have not come across any such case of heart attack so far. Because of which the corona vaccine can be held responsible. However, it has definitely come to the fore that some people’s hands have become weak due to Corona. Actually, this is also happening due to taking stress and not doing physical activity.

See tweets shared by people –

This video has been shared by netizens. In a video, someone is seen suffering from heart attack while exercising in the gym, while someone is suddenly dying while driving. People are dying in a moment while dancing and playing like this.

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