Actor Salman Khan hugs a fan who reached Mumbai from Jabalpur by bicycle

Jabalpur Salman Khan Fan Sameer : Jabalpur’s Sameer, a die-hard Salman Khan fan, finally got his wish come true on Thursday when he met his favorite hero Salman Khan. Sameer of Jabalpur traveled 1100 kms to Mumbai by bicycle to meet Salman. Sameer has fulfilled his years old dream by meeting Salman.

This is how I met Salman Khan

Sameer has been considering Salman Khan as his star since childhood and on December 22, Sameer set out on a bicycle with a determination to meet Salman Khan on his birthday, the journey from Jabalpur to Mumbai is about 1100 kms in which severe cold Apart from this, there were many other challenges, overcoming which Sameer reached Mumbai on 29 December and waited for him outside the Galaxy Apartments in Bandra. The security guard of the apartment conveyed this information to Salman and at around 3 in the night, Salman came to meet his Jabra fan. Sameer has been trying for years to meet his favorite star, and used to reach Mumbai every year on December 27, Salman Khan’s birthday, hoping to meet him, but never met Salman Khan. This year too, when Sameer’s dream came true when he reached Mumbai with the hope of meeting Salman, he could not believe that he was meeting Salman Khan, the biggest level of Bollywood, however Sameer’s dream has come true and now he is back. Returning to Jabalpur.

Sandeep Kumar’s report from Jabalpur

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