Accused stabbed a girl student going to coaching, CCTV footage surfaced. jabalpur news


Jabalpur Teenager Stabbed : In Jabalpur, the incident of stabbing of Sarerah girl student has come to light, here a student has been stabbed by a student going to coaching, the incident is from Dwarka Nagar of Ghamapur, it is being told that the accused has been harassing the girl student for several days. The accused was threatening the student because of one-sided love, the student explained to the accused several times but despite that the accused did not stop following the student, on Friday once again the accused followed the student and reached her coaching , As soon as the accused saw the girl student, he started threatening her by holding her hand, the girl student somehow escaped from the clutches of the girl student, after that the accused reached near the girl student and stabbed her, this whole incident was captured by CCTV cameras installed in a nearby house. I got imprisoned.

It is being told that the girl student got injured in the incident, after the same incident, the accused fled from the spot, the accused ran away leaving his moped on the spot, at present the police is searching for the accused.

Sandeep Kumar’s report from Jabalpur

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