Aastha Gill: This little girl stole the show in Aastha Gill’s singing show, watch video. This little girl stole the show in Aastha Gill singing concert, see viral video

Astha Gill

Aastha Gill , A lot of people are excited to hear Aastha Gill’s singing concert. Actually millions of people are crazy about Aastha Gill’s voice. People go to his concerts to hear his voice and to see him. In such a situation, recently the video of one of his concerts is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Actually, in this video, Aastha Gill is seen singing a song with a little girl. The little girl has won the hearts of people with her voice. At the same time, Aastha Gill also became crazy after listening to the voice of that girl. In the video, the girl is seen singing on Aglawa Majboori Nu.

At the same time, people are liking the singing of that girl very much. Aastha Gill is also seen singing along with the baby girl. Let me tell you, the girl’s name is Khushika. This girl made Aastha Gill’s day. Aastha Gill herself said in the concert that she made my day. The girl recited the complete lyrics of the song. Along with Aastha Gill, the girl also sang.

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