A tanker full of adulterated milk was caught, a large quantity of goods seized. morena news tanker full of adulterated milk caught large amount of goods seized. morena news

Morena Milk Production News : In Madhya Pradesh’s Morena district, a major action has been taken against the mafia producing white poison i.e. spurious milk on Christmas Day. Let us tell you that the Police and the Food Department have caught a tanker in a joint action while transporting adulterated milk. At present, the police have registered a case against the driver and started investigating the matter.

this is the whole matter

Food Department Security Officer Anil Pratap Parihar received information that the bride’s milk merchant was taking the chemical to make milk in a vehicle to the village. Two white colored tanks of milk, 2 bags of dried glucose powder and 1 ton of refined oil were found in it.

Morena News: Tanker full of adulterated milk caught, large amount of goods seized

On receiving the chemical, Food Safety Officer Anil Pratap Parihar took the vehicle to Bagchini police station and there milk February Punjab Singh Yadav 33 s/o Autar Singh Yadav resident Dulheni was interrogated. Accused Punjab Singh said that he makes 500 liters of milk daily by mixing dried glucose powder, refined oil and RM chemical in Sapreta milk to make milk and supplies it to the chiller in the afternoon and buys the chemical in return. Confession of the accused On the basis of this, the police have registered a criminal case against Punjab Singh Yadav, while the food safety team has taken samples of dried glucose powder, refined oil and sent them to State Lab Bhopal for examination.

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