A prisoner escaped from the hospital by hanging from the bathroom window, watch video. A prisoner escaped from the hospital by hanging from the bathroom window. jabalpur news

Jabalpur prisoner escaped : A prisoner escaped by dodging in front of Sanjeevani Nagar police station in-charge of Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh and as soon as the news of this incident came, there was a stir in the hospital. The police have made a blockade to catch the prisoner. The incident is being told this morning when Sanjivani Nagar police station brought a thief caught by the public to the medical college for treatment. At the same time, the thief Vicky Rajak escaped by opening the window of the bathroom by dodging the Sanjivani Nagar police station. The police is now looking for the thief.

According to the information, Jagdish Rajak, who is retired from the army, had gone to a wedding ceremony with his wife and son, during that time the thief Vicky Rajak, along with one of his accomplices, jumped to steal after finding an empty house. This morning as soon as Jagdish Rajak reached home with his family, he saw that some people were inside the house, when Jagdish Rajak opened the door of the house, both of them clashed with the thieves, during which the thieves also attacked them, in which they were killed. Got a minor injury. Hearing the clash between Jagdish Rajak and the thief, the neighbors also came who caught the thief Vicky Rajak while his accomplice managed to escape from the spot.

The general public had caught the thief and handed him over to Sanjivani Nagar police station. Sanjeevani Nagar police station reached the medical college this afternoon to get the thief visited, where the thief went inside somewhere else talking about going to the bathroom and then ran away by opening the window. Meanwhile, Sanjivani Nagar police station kept waiting for the thief outside the bathroom, when the thief did not come out for a long time, then opened the door and saw that he had fled by opening the window. Please inform that Sanjivani Nagar police station in-charge was also present in the medical college during that time.
Sandeep Kumar’s report from Jabalpur

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