A person suffering from illness asked for euthanasia, people donated 50 lakhs to live

Person asked for euthanasia : Many times it happens that after getting tired of the troubles of life, we start thinking that it would have resulted in death. Even if this thought is momentary, it comes to everyone’s mind at one time or the other. However, such thoughts should not come and if they do, they should be shunned immediately. Life is a precious gift and it should be lived to the fullest despite all its difficulties. But sometimes the situation becomes unbearable for someone.

Something similar happened with Amir Farsaud living in St. Catharines, Canada. Aamir, 54, had met with an accident a few years back and then was afflicted by several ailments. He was troubled by many diseases like disc disorder, spinal stenosis, spondylosis, pulmonary disease and then he applied for euthanasia i.e. ‘Medical Assistance in Dying’ (MAiD). Due to pain and many disabilities, he wanted to get rid of life. On top of that the building he lived in was also sold, and he didn’t even have a place to live.

In this era of Aamir surrounded by his physical and financial problems, a woman named Effie came as an angel. When he came to know about this, he started crowdfunding for Aamir on the GoFundMe website. She said that she wants to collect so much money that Aamir’s food and living arrangements can be made for the next 7 years. They have named this work as Choose 2 Live. People read this post and many hands came forward to help. Till now about 1200 people have donated about 50 lakh rupees. After this, Aamir’s thinking has also changed and he is thinking of withdrawing the application for euthanasia. He looked very emotional while talking to Ottawa City News. He said that he felt that by December of this year he would say goodbye to the world. But this humanity of the people has shown them the way to live again.

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