A person died while dancing on the drum, people kept thinking it was a new step

Varanasi Dance in UP: A sad incident has come to light in Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi district where uncle died while dancing at his nephew’s wedding. It is being told that the person dancing in the procession suddenly fell down while dancing. In the beginning, people thought that perhaps falling on the ground like this would also be a dance step. But when he didn’t get up even after people answered him, he was shocked. When he did not wake up for some time, the relatives immediately took him to the nearest hospital, where the doctors declared him brought dead. The name of the deceased was Manoj Vishwakarma, his age was 40 years. He used to do jewelry business.

According to information, the deceased Manoj, a resident of Badi Piyari area of ​​Varanasi, had come to Manduadih for the wedding of his brother-in-law’s son. The procession was taking place here. And the procession was about to go to Lucknow. The relatives of the groom were dancing on the drum. At the same time, uncle Manoj also started dancing. He fell after dancing for 5-7 minutes. He died in less than 5 seconds.

Postmortem will know how death happened

The deceased Manoj loved to dance. He often used to dance at weddings and parties. And in the wedding of his brother-in-law’s son, he fell down while dancing on the drum with his relatives. At first, the women present there thought that he was doing a new dance step, but when there was a loud sound of falling on the floor, people were shocked. Suspicion happened. He first woke up by giving voice, but when there was no movement, he went close to him and tried to wake him up, but there was no movement in Manoj’s body. Then he was taken to the hospital. It is suspected that Manoj suffered a cardiac arrest while dancing and died. Police has sent his body for postmortem. The exact cause of his death will be known when the report comes.

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