9 cows died in Kanji House in Guna, fear died due to cold and hunger

Guna Death Of Cows: Nine cows have died at Cantt Kanji House in Guna, Madhya Pradesh. It is feared that the reason for the death of these cows is cold and hunger, as soon as the incident came to light, Vishwa Hindu Parishad workers reached the spot, the workers allege that the cows have died due to the neglect of the municipality. They say that the cows have lost their lives due to extreme cold and fighting with other animals confined in the Kanji House.

this demand of

Angry Vishva Hindu Parishad workers have submitted a memorandum to Guna CMO, demanding better arrangements for cows in Kanji House. It is being alleged, other animals are also kept at the place where the cows are kept, due to which the animals fight with each other and the cows get injured. There has also been a demand for immediate treatment of sick cows.

Cows died earlier too

Tell that the Gaushala located in Cantt is considered to be the only organized Gaushala in Guna city. But here too many times cows have died due to hunger and other reasons. Opposition councilors have also accused the municipality of negligence towards Kanji House and Gaushala.

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