7th Pay Commission: Good news for employee pensioners, DA will increase by 43 percent in new year , salary will increase by 44 percent from 8th Pay Commission

7th Pay Commission DA hike: There is good news for central government employees. If media reports are to be believed then soon there will be an increase in their dearness allowance. The possibility of an increase of 4 to 5 percent in dearness allowance and dearness relief of government employees has intensified. There are indications of this in the AICPI figures that have come so far.

DA was increased in the month of September

In fact, in the month of September before Diwali, the government had increased the DA of employees and DR of pensioners by a whopping 4 percent. Whose benefits were given to 48 lakh employees and 68 lakh pensioners. Although this hike was implemented from 1 July 2022. Due to which the DA of the employees had increased to 38 percent.

The calculation formula was changed in 2006

Let us inform that in the beginning of the year 2022, DA was increased by 3 percent by the government. After which DA was increased from 31 to 34 percent. Earlier in the year 2006, the pay scales for central employees and pensioners were revised. Along with this, its calculation formula was also changed.

The coming year seems to be proving much better for the employees. According to the news going on in the media, in 2023, the benefit of 5 percent increase can be given to the employees. After which their grants will increase up to 43 percent.

Bumper benefit will be available on getting 50 percent DA

After the dearness allowance of the employees is fifty percent, there will be a bumper increase in their salary. In fact, if the dearness allowance of the employees reaches 50 percent, then half of their basic salary will be made available to them as dearness allowance.

Demand to implement new pay commission

After the implementation of the recommendation of the Seventh Pay Commission by the central employees across the country, now the demand for the 8th Pay Commission is being made. According to the information given by the employees’ union, a memorandum is being prepared in this regard. Which will soon be handed over to the government. Under this memorandum, demands are also being made to increase the salary as per the recommendations and to implement the Pay Commission.

big update on 8th pay commission

However, it was made clear from the government side that at present no consideration has been given regarding the implementation of the Asha Pay Commission. According to media reports, if the Eighth Pay Commission is implemented, then the minimum basic salary of the employees may increase from Rs 18000 to Rs 26000. The fitment factor may increase to 3.68 times under the 8th Pay Commission. In such a situation, the salary increase of the employees is likely to be 44.44% in the minimum pay scale of Rs 26000.

Automatic Pay Revision System

Apart from this, the government can also implement such a system. In which the salary of government employees will automatically be under the automatic pay revision system. If the dearness allowance is more than 50 percent, there will be an automatic increase in the salaries of the employees and their salaries will be automatically revised.

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