50 thousand rupees per kg potato, among the world’s 5 most expensive vegetables

World’s most expensive potato Le Bonnotte : Potato can be called the king of vegetables. Without this our kitchen does not work. Be it any vegetable..potatoes go well with almost everyone. Apart from this, all the dishes are made from it. That is why potato is one of the best selling vegetables. The good thing is that even after consuming so much, its cost is not out of our budget. Usually potatoes are available in the market from Rs.20 per kg to Rs.50-60 per kg. But have you ever heard about 50 thousand rupees per kg potato.

We are talking about the most expensive potato in the world, which is the La Bonnotte potato. It is cultivated in the French island of Ile de Noirmoutier. It has been included in the world’s five most expensive vegetables, the global media company Conde Nast Travel has placed it in this category. A special type of sandy soil is used for its cultivation. A lot of care has to be taken in its cultivation. According to reports, Le Bonnotte is cultivated only on 50 square meters of land.

Now coming to its cost..the cost of half a kilo of potato is about 250 Euros which is about 23 thousand rupees in Indian Rupees. Means one kilo of potato will have to pay about 50 thousand rupees. It is also a surprising thing that this potato is available only for 10 days in a year. It has a slightly salty taste and is generally used to make salads and soups. It contains many nutrients and it is believed that eating it is beneficial in many diseases.

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