17-year-old girl died by drinking insecticide, was shocked by her friend’s death

Ratlam News: A few days ago, a girl student living in the hostel of Girls Education School in Ratlam jumped from the fourth floor, due to which she died. Now troubled by the death of this girl student, her friend has also ended her life. The girl was very upset after the death of her friend and the family took her to their home in Banswara.

According to the information, this girl living in Banswara, Rajasthan was studying in class 11th. She had seen her friend commit suicide by jumping from the terrace due to which she was in shock. Suddenly he drank the insecticide kept in the house. The family took him to the hospital in critical condition but he died during treatment.

what to say to relatives

Giving information, the family members of the girl said that she was in shock since the death of her friend. After the incident, the police took her statement along with other girl students. The girl had told that when Krishna did not see her in the hostel on the day of the incident, she took information from other girl students. Everyone told that she is on the roof, after which the girl reached the roof, she reached near the solar panel, so Krishna jumped. After this, the very next day she went on leave and the father took her home from the hostel. Here she was not eating food and always used to remember her friend Krishna. There was such a deep shock in the mind that she used to take the name of Krishna even in her sleep.

The girl who took the step of suicide also told the family that Krishna is seeing her jumping again and again and she is not able to get this thing out of her mind. Every time the girl just used to say that Krishna why did you do this. The family members also told that their daughter and Krishna were very good friends of each other.

this was the case

Krishna Damar, a 14-year-old girl student living in the Girls’ Education Residential Complex, had jumped from the fourth floor of the hostel. Doctors declared him dead on being taken to the hospital. In this case, the hostel management had told that she was caught cheating in the test. Being upset because of this, he took the step of suicide. On the other hand, regarding the incident, the student’s father said that his daughter was very smart in studies and she cannot do cheating. He also said that despite falling from such a height, the daughter has not suffered any serious injury, the hostel management is trying to hide something or the other.

removed the warden

In the hostel where the incident took place, girl students from class 6th to 9th live. The responsibility of the hostel was with the Warden Seema Kaneria. But at the time of the accident, she was not present in the hostel, saying that she had gone out for some work. However, after this incident, the warden was removed from the post and now she is working in the same school to teach children. The second warden Sunita Hari has now been given the responsibility of the hostel.

statement of other girl students

After Krishna’s death, the police reached the spot and talked to everyone while investigating the spot. Regarding this matter, the girl’s friends and other girl students living there said that Krishna had committed suicide by jumping from the roof. She had also told that she was caught cheating and this was being discussed everywhere.

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