120 Percent Income Gain For Indians Going To Work Overseas, Says World Development Report

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Revealed in the report of the World Development Report (WDR). (Photo Credit: News Nation)


  • Low-skilled Indians going to the US stand to gain the most
  • Indians going to Gulf Cooperation Council will have less income gain
  • Indian sends almost 70% of his income to family

New Delhi:

The World Development Report (WDR) has estimated a 120 per cent income gain for Indians going abroad for employment, compared to a 40 per cent increase domestically. The report estimated that low-skilled Indians moving to the US would benefit the most, as their income would increase by nearly 500 per cent. After this, the income of Indians going to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will increase by about 300 percent. Indians traveling to Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates respectively will be of lesser benefit. The benefits are much higher for highly skilled workers such as technology professionals and doctors. Even the less skilled workers’ income will increase manifold. However, growth in income depends on age, country of destination and language ability apart from skill.

Combination of skills and needs gives huge increase in income
The World Development Report states that there is a huge increase in the salary of such people going abroad in connection with work, whose skills and characteristics meet the needs of the country concerned. These benefits are often higher than what can be achieved in the country of origin. Even at the domestic level, this difference is bigger than those who leave their city and go to the city of another state. The difference in income growth is so great that at current rates of economic growth, it would take decades for the average low-skilled individual working in the country of origin to earn the income they would earn by moving to a higher income country. In addition, this increase in income is shared with families and communities in the countries of origin, which also has an impact on the economy.

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184 million migrants globally
It is also true that one has to pay the price of leaving the country and going abroad to earn livelihood. For example an Indian going to Qatar spends two months’ earnings to meet the migration cost. The cost is slightly higher for those going to Kuwait. This is too much for a Bangladeshi immigrating to Kuwait in terms of nine months’ income. The report estimates that the number of migrants globally is 184 million, which is 2.3 per cent of the population. It also includes 37 million refugees. According to the report, there are four types of categories of migrants. Highly skilled economic migrants, who are Indian IT professionals in the US or construction workers in GCC countries. Refugees seeking skills in the respective country, who are Syrian entrepreneurs Refugees in Turkey. Apart from this, the endangered migrants, who are on the southern border of America. The last category is refugees, such as the Rohingyas in Bangladesh.

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Up to 70 percent of the income is sent to the family
India-US, India-GCC and Bangladesh-India have been identified among the top migration corridors globally. Apart from this, Mexico-America, China-America, Philippines-America and Kazakhstan-Russia have also seen the highest migration rate in connection with work. According to the World Development Report, workers in some countries with large migrant populations, including India, Mexico, China and the Philippines, send a large proportion of their income to families living in their country of origin. According to an estimate, an Indian employee in UAE sends about 70 per cent of his income to the family. However, women migrant workers send more money than men. It has been said in the report that the rate of Indian workers going to other cities to work at the domestic level has increased. For example, due to the high rate of people going abroad from Kerala, opportunities have been created for the workers of Kolkata to go there and work. The report states that migration is occurring as a result of countries aging and low fertility rates, which if managed properly will benefit the societies of the people arriving, including the countries of origin.

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